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Armor Research Company, Inc., RDI Training & Consulting Group, and Uvalde PD Collaborate and Launch Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course in Uvalde, TX

UVALDE, TX — January, 2024


Armor Research Company, a leading innovator in tactical solutions, has joined forces with RDI Training & Consulting Group and the Uvalde Police Department to introduce an unprecedented training initiative aimed at enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement officers in responding to active shooter incidents. The Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course, which commenced in Uvalde, TX in January 2024, represents a groundbreaking collaboration focused on elevating officer knowledge, skills, confidence, and the overall effectiveness of solo responses to critical situations. 

Training Objectives: 

The primary goal of the Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course is to equip officers with specialized skills and knowledge required for effective and decisive action when facing active shooter scenarios. Recognizing the increasing frequency of such incidents, this collaborative effort aims to ensure that officers in Uvalde, TX, are well-prepared and possess the confidence to handle these high-stress situations with precision and skill. 

Key Features of the Course: 

Comprehensive Tactical Shield Training: Participants will undergo rigorous training in the proper handling, deployment, and maneuvering of tactical shields. This includes both ballistic and non-ballistic shield techniques to create a well-rounded and adaptable skill set. 

Scenario-based Simulations: The course includes realistic, scenario-based simulations to immerse officers in simulated active shooter situations. This hands-on approach allows officers to apply their training in a controlled environment, fostering better decision-making skills under pressure. Solo Response Strategies: Unlike traditional group responses, this course is specifically designed for solo officers. It focuses on strategies that enable a single officer to effectively neutralize threats and protect themselves and others until additional support arrives.

Integration of Cutting-edge Technology:

Armor Research Company brings its expertise in tactical solutions to the course, integrating cutting-edge technology into the training. This includes the use of advanced tactical shields and related equipment to enhance officer capabilities. 

Quotes from Collaborating Entities: 

"The Uvalde Police Department is grateful for the collaboration with Armor Research Company and RDI Training & Consulting Group. This course reflects our commitment to the safety and effectiveness of our officers. We believe that investing in their training is an investment in the safety of our community." 

— Homer Delgado, Assistant Chief of Police, Uvalde, TX 

"We are excited to collaborate with RDI Training & Consulting Group and the Uvalde Police Department on this important initiative. The Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course represents a significant step forward in enhancing officer preparedness for active shooter incidents. Our commitment to providing top-notch tactical solutions aligns perfectly with the goals of this program." 

— Ken Hall, CEO, Armor Research Company 

"RDI Training & Consulting Group is proud to contribute our expertise in law enforcement training to this collaboration. Our instructors bring years of experience to ensure that officers not only gain valuable skills but also the confidence to act decisively in high-pressure situations." 

— Jesse Noriega, RDI Training & Consulting Group 

Course Schedule and Enrollment: 

The Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course is available to Law enforcement officers in the United States. 

This collaborative effort between Armor Research Company, RDI Training & Consulting Group, and the Uvalde Police Department signifies a shared commitment to the safety and security of communities. By providing officers with the tools and training needed to navigate active shooter incidents independently, the Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course is poised to make a lasting impact on law enforcement preparedness. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nicolas Putnam 

DIrector Of Communications, Armor Research Company, Inc. 

(424) 382-4702 

About Armor Research Company: 

Armor Research Company is a renowned provider of cutting-edge tactical solutions, specializing in advanced protective gear and equipment for law enforcement and military personnel. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Armor Research Company plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of those who serve and protect. 

About RDI Training & Consulting Group: 

RDI Training & Consulting Group is a leading provider of comprehensive law enforcement training programs. With a team of experienced instructors, RDI Training Group delivers high-quality, scenario-based training to enhance the skills and capabilities of law enforcement officers. 

About Uvalde Police Department: 

The City of Uvalde Police Department serves the community by protecting citizens and property, preventing crime, enforcing laws, and maintaining order. The Uvalde Police Department is committed to provide superior police service to the public in order to protect life, property and the freedoms provided by the Constitution. 

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