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Compact Response Shield Training at RDI

Armor Research Company is visible across the Nation and abroad. Relationships matter as part of our brand integrity.  With this in mind, ARC is proud to introduce one of its strategic partners, Reality Defense, Inc., (RDI), the only independent training provider whose nationwide curriculum has been reviewed and affirmed by ARC.

RDI is committed to providing unparalleled training solutions and expertise. Part of their due diligence included survey of many ballistic body armor shields in today’s marketplace to support their Critical Incident Response field curriculum. ARC is honored to have been chosen to be RDI’s exclusive supplier for that curriculum with ARC’s Compact Response Shield™.

RDI’s team of experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of tactical response for first responders and military personnel. ARC is proud to supply its fully accessorized Compact Response Shields™ to RDI’s field instruction staff and students in support of the many training objectives. RDI’s comprehensive approach will encompass a range of training methodologies, including classroom instruction, hands-on practical exercises, and interactive simulations. ARC will continue collaboration with RDI to introduce innovative products with the intent of benefiting first responders across the country.

RDI Training with Compact Response Shield
CRS Training TSSOC
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