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Globally superior performance & innovation.

DragonSkin Body Armor

Armor Research Company is proud to carry forward the globally superior performance of DragonSkin ballistic, rifle-defeating body armor with next generation improvements. 


Innovation will further the distinct recognition from government agencies and military departments alike, of DragonSkin, as the only armor produced today known to have zero penetrations in the field. 


“NextGen 6” will benefit from disruptive advancements in materials and minerals science, resilient coatings and design engineering, as well as proprietary applications that are generations ahead of current industry. 


Lightest, highest rated, most technologically advanced ballistic, rifle-rated body armor made in the United States. Fully compliant with the Female Body Armor Modernization Act of 2019.  ARC was an active advocate and vocal contributor to this landmark congressional legislation. 


Defense ministries and agencies are anxious for NexGen 6 to arrive.  ARC will be introducing the “all new” product  2024. 

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