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Abstract Background

The ARC Roadmap

Armor Research Company’s three product lines are the best in their market. As a result, the company, ARC, is rapidly expanding its customer relationships, both domestic and international, to include over a dozen market verticals.  Our investment in ballistic armor research and development is specifically oriented to address emerging, highly capability threats found in our neighborhoods, and areas in-between to regions of conflict worldwide.


On the battlefield, what counts is the maneuverability of the warfighter without compromising personal protection to high caliber rifle munitions. Closer to home, ARC recognizes that active shooter threats are expanding to include schools and universities, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, mass transportation hubs and critical infrastructure.  


The capacity and capability of soldiers in the field and law enforcement in our communities depends on having the right, best equipment, in-hand or within reach, ready and always dependable. Having the best ballistic, rife-rated armored personal protection is fundamental to achieving mission success while saving lives. ARC is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering the best armor personal protection.  


ARC’s articulating armor (in development) is the world’s most technologically advanced, effective, flexible and light weight, highest integrity, Level IV rifle-defeating body armor. Form fitting for men and women, our products will soon be serving troops in the field and special operations, as well as select federal agencies, and elements of local and state law enforcement. 


ARC’s Compact Response Shields (CRS), are tested to and exceed NIJ STD 0108.01 (Ballistic Resistant Materials) by Oregon Ballistic Laboratories for NIJ Level III (7.62x51/M80) plus special threat testing for 7.62x39 Type 56 MSC and 5.56 M193. OBL is an accredited NVLAB, NIJ and U.S. Department of State testing facility. The CRS is the armor choice for personal protection against active shooters by numerous agencies across the U.S. The CRS offers the lightest weight in its class, unique tactical features and design flexibility to satisfy tailored requirements necessary to defeat higher caliber handguns and rifles. 


In the private sector, ARC’s Cash Protection Drop Box System (CPS) is designed for portability with optimal protection of money and high value items. Primarily for use in the gaming community and high-volume retail outlets, CPS enables best security practices that successfully deter theft by both third parties and employees. Our light weight, uniquely configured armored boxes align with risk reduction policies of insurance companies while at the same time contributing to efficiencies in the workplace.    


ARC’s national sales force, coupled with aggressive R&D, and an evolving high-volume manufacturing and assembly capacity, is the underpinning to ARC’s success in the marketplace as a credible “go-to source” increasingly preferred in both public and private sectors for actually “saving lives.”

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