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Dependability, Security, Risk Management & Time Savings

CPS Dropbox System

Constructed of 18-gage 1018 cold rolled steel, the CPS Drop Box System is built to be dependable and secure. Other products on the market are constructed of weaker materials and can be breached with a simple screwdriver.  For added durability, each Drop Box System is powder coated. Powder coating lasts longer than standard wet painting and the finish does not degrade over time.  Our Drop Box System and support equipment accommodate a variety of lock manufacturers and can be configured with two or three keys for entry. This multiple stage entry system and lock manufacturer versatility allows the customer to define the level of security required.


The Drop Box System capitalizes on one of the oldest games in the book for asset protection, "The Shell Game". With a unit placed at every check stand and the keys kept in a time safe, a would be thief would have to guess which units have been used throughout the day and then gain access to enough units to be worth the risk. It is for this reason that many CPS customers choose to leave their funds in the Drop Box System until the last possible moment before counting and preparing for armored pickup


As designed, the Drop Box System is a time saving product. Due to its dependability and security, it does not require pickups from the manager during the normal course of business. With cashiers making drops into the unit as prompted by the register, there is no need to hand currency to or obtain a signature from the manager. Not only does this free management to concentrate on more profitable activities, but also reduces cash vulnerability since cashiers can drop when needed, not when the manager is available. And pickups can be completed in less than 15 seconds, saving time and minimizing interruption of the check out line.

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