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Nicolas Putnam

Nicolas Putnam

Chief Marketing Officer - Armor Research Company, Inc.

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Mr. Putnam was thrown into the entertainment industry at the ripe old age of 10, singing the famous lines “gimme a break” with his toe-headed little brother in a national Kit Kat commercial. He spent a few more years in front of the camera before he developed a taste for the creative side and shocked the world, or rather his parent's living room with his self-titled super 8 film. Nic followed his passion to Adobe’s Autodesk Center at Sonoma state where he received his degree in digital design graphics technologies and subsequently Directed his first broadcast commercial in Cinema 2k with the RED One camera. Nic has produced multiple DVDs and commercials as well as developed infomercials, gaming applications, and learning systems with video and animation. 


Working with broadcast television stations and large advertising agencies on global efforts, Mr. Putnam has diversified his portfolio to include large-scale community and product marketing campaigns while utilizing his experience and passion in content creation and design.


Mr. Putnam currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where his passions for surfing, film, and GoPro cameras allow him to “Be a Hero”.



(424) 382-4702

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