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We are Armor Research Company! 

At the heart of ARC’s success is a commitment to saving lives. Our core values guide all aspects of business and  relationship management, and the dedication to providing our customers, in the United States and abroad, with industry’s best performing rifle-defeating, ballistic armor personal protection equipment – that save lives. 

The Compact Response Shield

The Compact Response Shield


Armor Research Company has a singular focus, keeping you safe. Development of defensive and preventative products to keep you out of harm's way and protect your investments.




The ARC Story

Fundamental to providing dependable, reliable ballistic personal protection is the imperative to maintain pace with perpetual advancements in the equipment required to be worn in the field.  That’s why innovation matters.  It must. Applied correctly, ARC focuses on understanding the physical threats, endurance challenges and situational uncertainties faced by law enforcement and infantry in the field. 

ARC’s roots are from its legacy companies that reorganized and transitioned to current operations during 2021 with sustained quarterly growth in excess of shareholder expectations. 


When an individual confronts armed engagement, there can be no hesitation regarding the ballistic resilience of personal protection – either the worn body armor or the arm mounted armored shield.  Seconds matter in tactical decisions. Lives matters. Success depends on having the right, best and most reliable ballistic personal protection in-hand now – not later.  ARC’s ballistic armor products are the best industry can provide. Guaranteed. 


How does ARC deliver reliability?  It’s all about applying informed ballistics science, minerology, intelligent design and specific human factors to tailored productization.  It’s about constant testing.  It’s about integrating real-world applications into ARC’s methodological approach to product improvement. 


Ballistic protection performance matters: lightest weight, highest rifle-ratings, best ergonomic designs, agile, compact, accessorized without compromising ballistic integrity, tactical flexibility, form fitting to either men or women, and guaranteed. 


ARC’s clients are just like you.  Men and women.  Serving in hundreds of local, state and federal jurisdictions across the United States and other countries. Our products are supporting special forces, law enforcement agencies, tactical training centers and university safety departments.  With thousands of products in the field, ARC has earned superior satisfaction ratings, expanded relations with the majority of clients and has never had a product returned for any reason.  Ninety-five percent of our product quotations result in deliveries. The majority of our customers advance with follow-on acquisitions.  ARC believes in what its delivers.


We invite you to review our Compact Response Shields, Body Armor and various accessories that complement our flagship products.  Our sales team and management staff are available for questions, suggestions and to build lasting relationships. 


It’s all about saving lives.  Welcome to Armor Research Company!

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