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Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Survival Summit

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Armor Research Company (ARC) was honored to sponsor the recent Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Survival Summit, on January 31, 2023, hosted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund,, in Washington DC. The NLEOMF is the Nation’s the leading authority on official line-of-duty fallen heroes. Pictured above is Randy Sutton, the Founder and President of the Wounded Blue,, the Nation’s only private organization whose mission is to improve the lives of injured and disabled law enforcement officers. ARC was again honored during the Summit to accept Mr. Sutton’s request to offer his uncompensated personal testimony of our Company’s mission to save lives that also included his personal recommendation of ARC’s Compact Response Shield (CRS). His comments, from the heart, spoke to his experience of over 40-years in law enforcement that gave him the insights to recognize the superior capability and value of CRS, the importance of it being in every police car and within reach of officers who find themselves confronting active shooters at anytime and anywhere, ( Mr. Sutton’s advocacy is centered on CRS’ origin; having been designed by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers and having been incrementally improved during recent years to be the best possible choice for officers to advance on active shooters with tactical safety, agility and confidence. Please refer to CRS’s technical specifications and performance advantages as described on this site. Our Sales Team, all of whom are retired law enforcement officers, are geographically distributed across the country to serve you.

-Armor Research Company, Inc.

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