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Armor Research Company, Inc.



Today’s civil society is witnessing significant change.  Globally, instability and unrest are increasing in metropolitan jurisdictions, remote areas, and along porous borders.  The reasons may vary, but vulnerabilities and compromises to personal safety, public venues, and private property are constantly streaming across social media and discussed in the daily news. 


The methods and means by which personal safety is threatened are as unpredictable as they are increasingly lethal. 


Law enforcement officers, first responders, and infantry on the battlefield deserve the best possible protection against high-caliber threats.  Because minutes matter tactics have changed.  Lives are often dependent on split-second decisions to immediately respond and advance on active shooters or the myriad of situations where weapons may be used.  The men and women who quickly engage those threats, most often by themselves, must have full and complete confidence in their ballistic armor protection.    


Armor Research Company’s products are designed, tested, and certified to be the best industry can provide to protect those who protect us. 


Fundamental to product development is applied science, physics, mineralogy, and manufacturing skills.  So are other factors.  The commitment to saving lives requires a corporate philosophy that emboldens productization, shapes business transactions and relationships, and strengthens our company employees.  Armor Research Company is bound to a vision and supporting core values that we believe are essential for business success – and saving lives. 


A company’s vision defines its direction, purpose and aspirations. It offers insights of management’s focus beyond the horizon, of corporate character and the intangible value based on its products and services. Vision also gives clarity strategic objectives while also providing clarity to parties who are looking in from the outside to assess credibility, viability in the public square and potentials for transactional relationships.

For Armor Research Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the HALLAS Group, Inc., our vision is the course to steer along which product development, sales, relationships and business transactions will engage today’s in-demand market signals to save lives.  The capabilities we are taking to market today, and in the future, are borne from years of expanding multiple successful businesses, during which opportunities were discovered to adapt processes, tools and other elements that may serve holistically different purposes and provide for a public good.

Core Values







First and foremost, reputations matter for the leadership team who established trust and reliability through their multiple businesses and careers worldwide.  The value of any business is predicated on expectations of satisfaction, thoroughness and confidence that commitments are absolute.  As a company, ARC will always demonstrate credibility and looks to the same attributes in its partnerships and business transactions.

Business acumen and success doesn’t grow on trees.  It takes years of experience and a natural sense “what else is possible” to recognize what new, different or truly unique opportunities are within reach by simply re-imagining what’s in the company’s tool kit.  This is ARC’s story and why the company is poised to expand in markets with products and services that will make a difference centerstage by improving our communities.

Each new product line or new capability is a byproduct or idea borne from a current product or service.  Intuitively, a new design or process comes to mind intended to solve a problem, but it’s the adaptation of functional elements, through science, that enables a concept on paper to evolve and transform into a marketable solution.  It’s the initiative to constantly create that drives success and brand recognition while adding to the bottom line. 

It’s all too common for remedies to look and sound the same especially in a big “sandbox of solutions.” Picking the right choice is not only about interpreting message, messenger and audience, but understanding details of actual performance, efficacy and long-term benefits. The competitive sandboxes where ARC conducts business delivers products and services through many credible brands, but markets are as wide as they are porous and rewards better performance delivered by the right, credible messenger – ARC.

This is where reality meets intentions. Internal investments have successfully strived to repeatedly demonstrate design outcomes.  For ARC, there’s an inherent discipline that seeks results that not only matter but make a difference – in the market and to the bottom line.  It’s driven invention and differentiation.  To continue, investment is needed to optimize opportunities the company has created and drive next levels of performance.

The above core values are important if not essential to ARC’s continued success.  In business, however, rewards to the bottom line should also help earn recognized significance in the marketplace and in our communities.  Our vision, if executed properly, should be of significant value, and actually solve problems faster, more effectively and with credibility. 

As a company, we at Armor Research Company aspire to make a difference in the safety and security of communities and our Nation.  Aspirations are measured, practical and align with our company vision.

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